Letters to the Editor

K to the D

Hey Jordan: Thank you for placing us as one of the Top 100 albums of ’08 [“10 best records of ‘08”; Dec. 31, 2008; by Jordan Green]. I was not expecting it at all and it surprised the hell out of me. My fellow bandmates haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll make sure they see it and appreciate it too. Hope you have a happy new year! Take Care, KiD Goldstein Greensboro Thewriter is the singer and guitarist for the Nondenoms.

Santa loves us

The 1808 Foundation is so pleased and thankful for your kind decision to help participate in our cause this holiday season. With your help, the Salvation Army of Greensboro was able to provide additional miracles for the un-

derprivileged children of Greensboro. The need for our young professionals in the community to be involved is even greater today and will continue to grow in the years ahead. We also hope to grow in the years ahead. We also hope to grow with that need and to expand our efforts annually with our Gate City Santa toy drive. Neighboring communities in Charlotte and Winston-Salem have held similar events for many years, allowing 400 to 500 young professionals in those communities, the opportunity to give back during he holiday season.

We hope that the 1808 Foundation will be able to build upon our recent successes and to perpetuate a lasting impact on the families of Greensboro who find themselves in need. With your help this year, we were able to take an additional step towards our goal. It is with genuine appreciation that we again say thank you for your participation and we hope that you will consider helping our cause again in 2009! Sincerely, Robert McIntosh (Beau) Greensboro The writer is chairman of the 1808 Foundation.

A fellow conspirator

Hello Mr. Brian Clarey: This is Andrew Eversole, Greensboro musician and occult researcher. I had a very wonderful review of my album Creature in your paper earlier this year, and I really appreciate it. Anyway, I read the conspiracy page in the

weekly today and was completely floored [“Ten best conspiracy theories”; Dec. 24, 2008; by Brian Clarey]. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement and gratification. You are very thoughtful and brave to put these things in the print. You see, I have been studying and researching occult knowledge since 1996, when I was 16. I have read every David Icke book, among many others, and have been trying to talk to and tell people about The New World Order, 9-11, the Illuminati and especially shapeshifting reptilians. Obviously this has often been a frustrating and fruitless task, though rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. What I am saying is, I have extensive knowledge, understanding and experience with these matters. I believe in educating people with compassion and tactfulness, for preaching accomplishes nothing. Either way, this kind of work is going to be a huge part of my life, along with my music. Andrew Eversole Greensboro