Letters to the Editor

Goodbye to Jim Dowell

Brian, Hope all is well with you and yours. A new year, new directions! I would like to give you notice of my desire to not write Canvas the City anymore. I have really lost a lot of contacts in that industry by closing the gallery, and by choosing a different career, it does limit one’s connections, especially if you are “into” your new career. I will be happy to write that through the March issue if you’d like, or I can stop after February. You let me know, and I will oblige to whatever is best for you. Wouldn’t mind an occasional guest column for you on the real estate and housing industry, but I really do need to dedicate my time to my career and personal things. I am renovating an old “new” house of my own, and that takes time and energy as well. I have certainly enjoyed my time with the paper. Thank you for an enjoyable ride, and many, many happy experiences. My best, Jim Dowell


Anyone interested in applying for Jim’s job documenting the First Friday happenings in Greensboro can send a resume and cover letter to Brian Clarey at

The other Chuck

Smile. Big Brother is watching you. In case you haven’t noticed, Greensboro put up many more surveillance cameras in government buildings and “other places” last year. Maybe these cameras will help to catch more criminals. But giving the police the right to search any person, place or thing at any time for any reason would also catch more criminals. I believe in the right to privacy, and it bothers me that Americans don’t realize what rights they used to have until they’re gone.

Chuck Mann Greensboro

A Ransom note

Brian, Thank you so much for doing the story “It happened in Greensboro…” [Dec. 3, 2008; by Brian Clarey]. My husband and I knew Ransom. He was a very kind and gentle man. He loved life and music. I’d love to have a copy of that issue, if you still have one available. Please let me know. Thanks, Tammy Shearer

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