Letters to the Editor for July 5


If she goes there will be trouble’…

I’d agree with your removal of Ann Coulter from your publication if it’s counterbalanced with the demise of Molly Ivins’ column. Her only column subject is repeated Bush bashing which wears as thin as Coulter’s repeated putdown of liberals. At least Coulter is easier on the eyes than Ivins and her 1980s perm. Why not substitute another crossword? You don’t have to print the answers: they are usually the answers to some other puzzle.

John Bowers


Please do not remove Ann. If it weren’t for her, I would have no reason to read your paper when I could read the Rhino. And also if all you want is one-sided opinions, then so be it. However I have never in my life read anyone who stirs up so much venom and why in the world would you want to lose that?


Coy Richards


Dear Mr. Clarey:

I like your paper and the fact that as a liberal paper you still give Ann space. I think it’s funny that the week you run ‘“Ann, we need a break’” is the very week in her article she talks about the MSM not being able to silence the Silent Majority any longer. The very same week you are polling your readers to see if you should silence her. As of this writing, it appears you will be.

It couldn’t be more hilarious.

Darrin Lons


Read the most recent YES! Weekly from cover to cover yesterday with a couple of cold beers and was quite entertained, as usual. Regarding Ann Coulter, my vote is to keep her. I like the waters stirred

Thanks again!

Kim Haley


If she stays there will be double

Please, please, please dump Ann.

I was on vacation and was getting caught up on my local reading when I saw the ad to dump Ann.

Honestly, when’ I first laid eyes on YES! Weekly I couldn’t believe her column was included in your publication. There was no blend there in my view.

Even if the poll is in her favor, can Coulter.’ 


Robert Medefindt


Dear editor,

Thank you for requesting our input as to whether you should continue to include Ms. Coulter’s column in your regional weekly. I applaud your inclusionary policy as to diversified voices when the writers are discussing issues. I believe that Ms. Coulter has crossed the journalistic line into uncalled-for personal attacks. Journalism has reached a new low in our country; more is the pity. Please do not continue to publish her essays. Find someone else! As a professor I have to teach students that learned disagreement is absolutely okay, in fact that is what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they set up a government based on the ideal of compromise. It is also up to journalists and editors and publishers to educate in a balanced manner.


Linda France Stine


The writer is a professor of anthropology at UNCG.

You realize when you run her column she is getting money for the dreck she spits out. Dump the hussy.

Spencer Andrews



Excellent write up on Johnny [‘“Johnny Winter takes his throne’”; June 21, 2006, by Brian Clarey]!

I’ve been a fan for 30 years and will always be a fan. The last eight years have been hard on him but your are correct, he’s better and playing his ass off now!

Thanks for such a favorable write up.

Kent Garcia


Nice to see an article giving Johnny Winter his due. One correction if I may: He did not ‘“cover ‘Rock and Roll Hoochie coo’.’” it was first recorded on Johnny Winter And: Live. True enough, Rick Derringer wrote it but it was a Johnny song first.

Again, thanks for spreading ‘“the word according to Johnny’”!

Bill Formico

Golden, Colo.