Letters to the Editor for the week of Dec. 7…


Kudos from earth-friendly candidate

Hi Jordan and Amy,

I’ve enjoyed a number of articles each of you have written in recent editions. I particularly appreciated Jordan’s column on the GTA and Amy’s on bio-diesel. I learned some neat new info about bio-diesel. During my campaign I mentioned once or twice the potential market for area farmers that could be created by bio-diesel, but since that’s not strictly a city council issue I didn’t dwell on it. I was glad to learn about the cooperative groups already working on bio-diesel locally.

Thanks for your relevant, useful choice of topics.

All the best,

Joel Landau


By the way, if you look at the number of votes received per campaign dollar spent, I believe the At-Large winners were Diane Davis, myself, and Yvonne Johnson!’  For what it’s worth’….

The Arrival arrives

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for choosing us for Greensboro’s Ten Best band sites on [: ‘“Greensboro’s Ten Best band sites on’”; Nov. 30; by Brian Clarey]! We love YES! Weekly!

Christy Johnson


Article comments from the web

Headline of Article: ‘“Greensboro’s Ten Best band sites on’”; Nov. 30; by Brian Clarey.

Hey, that dude Ed E. Ruger, E-Dot, or whatever they call him, dude he’s awesome. Have you ever seen him live?’…. Just playin man, but seriously I just wanted to thank you guys for the write-up in the Ten Best section. Seriously, that helps me out a lot and I appreciate it, and anytime you guys want to come out to a show (tell Jordan I said what’s up) let me know. I’d love to have you there. I left a message on as well just to make sure you guys got it.

Thanks again

Ed E. Ruger


Headline of Article: ‘“City Council votes, in black and white,’” Nov. 30; by Jordan Green.

Greensboro needs to come into the 21st century. You’re way behind the times. The old south is dead,dead,done. You people need to stop living the long cherished lies that black folk just love oppression and poverty of mind and body!

Harvey Brown

STAND and be counted

I am writing in response to your coverage of the die-in by Students Taking Action Now: Darfur that occurred on UNCG Campus on Oct. 16. As one of the founders of STAND UNCG and co-organizer of the event, I have a responsibility to the mission of our organization to further detail what happened.

STAND is a national student movement that formed in 2004 in response to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. This crisis began in 2003 and is being perpetrated by a tyrannical government towards a specific ethnic group within the region. It has claimed over 400,000 lives and displaced over 2.5 million, yet still barely garners international attention much less action.

The mission of STAND and the UNCG chapter is to relieve this genocide through education, fundraising, and political activism. UNCG STAND began this fall semester, and we have already received an amazing response from the campus and Greensboro communities. We will not stop until this genocide is stopped.

On Oct. 16, we staged a die-in on a pedestrian walkway through campus to draw immediate attention to the genocide and what can be done to help stop it. The police disruption definitely swayed the image of our objective, but we believe we still accomplished our goal. Many students going to their classes stopped and learned of the grave situation occurring in Darfur and were empowered to take action.

Although we greatly appreciate the coverage of our event and hope that some YES! Weekly readers feel compelled to learn more about Darfur (a great resource is, we do not want our dedication to the crisis in Sudan to be overshadowed by the reporting on the police activity.

Katie Mariategui


Kill Coulter… again

Is it really necessary to run Ann Coulter? I mean, some people say she’s ‘“provocative’” or the like, and that is why some people (such as myself) dislike her.

I would disagree’…. Her politics don’t bother me. The fact that she’s an idiot does.

If we lived in cave times ‘— which she seems to pine for ‘— there’d be no reason to keep her alive. She is a completely useless human being.

What saves her from being eviscerated on Pay-Per-View is the fact that we live in a society that protects the rights that she so obviously disdains.

All I know is that if ‘“The Evisceration of Ann Coulter’” ever does become a Pay-Per-View event, I’ll not only pay to see it, I’ll even purchase a television set of my own to watch it on.

Please’… if you are looking for a right wing view, there’s loads of intelligent people out there to choose from. If you are looking for someone to write ‘“shocking’” things, get in touch with Michael Gira.

If you want a mix of the two, any high school student can do a better job than Ann Coulter ‘— and they’d probably do it for free.

Otherwise, I like your paper. As someone who just moved to GSO, I find it a very useful resource.

Thanks for your time.

Curt Meinhold