Letters to the Editor for the week of March 22


Appreciation from Fairlanes

Hi Dan,

Thanks again for taking the time to interview us and write the article [‘“The Fairlanes: years of roots rock’”; March 8, 2006; by Daniel Bayer]! You did your homework and it’s as good of a piece as anyone has done through the years’… I appreciate you keeping your promise of not telling about my years of incarceration! I’m trying to shake my ‘outlaw’ image and show the world just how caring, sensitive and honest I really am!! Hahahahaha!!!

YES! Weekly has really taken off, has this whole area covered (amazing amount of work)’… hats off to everyone there and let me know if I can do anything for ya. There’s no telling where we will be playing, so it’s just a wild ride that we don’t take too seriously, although we have officially retired from doing gigs at country clubs or anything having the words ‘“wedding’” or ‘“marriage.’”

BuddyRo has had enough old ladies in his face to last forever. Hahahahaha!!!!

Hope to see ya’ll real soon’… come on back now, ya hear?

Thanks again, bro.

Mark ‘Buddy Ro’ Harrison

The writer sings and plays guitar for the Fairlanes.

Sky Bar victim of ‘pogrom’

There’s no major wonder, I suppose, why the Elm Street nightclub Sky Bar is being purged from the yuppie Elm Street scene. Oh no, it’s not the owners as the Greensboro martial law trooper said. It’s the minorities and the lower classes who are unfit for new Elm Street nightlife. This is because Sky Bar hosts young Latinos on Saturday nights and ‘“service workers’” (read: ‘“poor people’”) on Sunday nights. Both Latinos and low-paid service workers are supposed to be the ‘“invisible army’” of people who are kept out of sight of mainstream America except when they are needed to do their toil for the upper classes.

Thus every time they misbehave in a public place in Greensboro, they are systematically ‘removed’ from the public landscape by the martial law troops and the city establishment. A classic case of this ‘Pogrom Policy’ happened when Latinos were purged from Oka Hester Park after they began using it as a hotrod cruising and hang-out place on Summer Sundays in the late ’90s. First the martial law forces began parking patrol cars in the parks lots to make park users feel uncomfortable hanging out.

Then the city in its usual genius rammed a highway project right through the park’s eastern edge. Once reopened the city then permanently installed it’s not-so-secret, secret undercover police who pretend to be dog walkers, prostitutes and so on while signs prominently threaten to videotape all park users. Whenever anyone who looks even slightly hip-hop and/or ‘colored’ enters the park they are immediately pursued by plainclothes cops in vehicles or on foot and stared at until they decide to leave the park.

This tactic is used not only used on ‘“trouble makers’” but also on picnickers and people just relaxing on the grass. Of course there were probably some petty crimes going on in the ’90s but most likely the real reason for the anti-Latino & black pogrom is that the developers who are building all over the surrounding area want to whiten up the park so it can be touted as an amenity to their new residential community customers!

Duncan Mich

PS: Maybe Sky Bar and any other clubs serving ‘controversial’ clientele should be smart and move to industrial areas like Warehouse 29 and Salon America, neither of which have had any opportunistic persecution in their long years.