Letters to the Editor from 05.03.06


MacKay looking for ‘stars’

I just read the letter in YES! Weekly that I sent last week.’ Thanks for including it in the paper.

Don’t forget to include our Starlight, Star Bright information so that ALL your readers across the Triad will want to buy a ‘“star’” in honor of or in memory of a loved one, neighbor, friend or co-worker touched by cancer.’ All our stars will be displayed during the Month of May on the 3rd floor of the Outpatient Comprehensive Cancer Center of WFU.’ The money raised will benefit cancer research and education at WFUSM, Section on Hematology and Oncology.’  100% of the star donation is tax deductible.’  A silver star is $25, white gold star is $50 and a platinum star is $75.’  An acknowledgement letter will be sent notifying of a ‘“star’” donation.’ 

You can copy the invitation from our web site’ 

Thanks for all your help to promote the MacKay Foundation.’ 

Barbara MacKay Vinson


The writer is president of the MacKay Foundation for Cancer Research.

Countdown to the Blues

Good morning, blues friends!

Just a reminder: this is the last week that you’ll be able to buy tickets for the 20th Annual Carolina Blues Festival with the group discount rate. That deal will end on Sunday, April 30. Right now, purchases of 10 festival tickets or more is only $10 per ticket. Call 336.333-2605 to charge by phone; to order on line, or go to the Carolina Theatre Box Office, 310 S. Greene St., Greensboro, today through Friday, 12p-5pm. Or visit BB’s Compact Discs or J&B Music Connection, both in Greensboro.

Once again, we thank everyone who has signed up to volunteer for the blues festival. We’re getting there! But we still need volunteers to completely staff the following areas: beverages, will call, front gate and security. You get a free ticket to the show and free admittance to the PBPS Festival After-Party with the Fairlanes. Your help is very much appreciated. Volunteer registration is on line at

Thanks so much!

John Amberg


The writer is president of the Piedmont Blues Society.

Simple lunch, YES! are great

Hello Brian,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article ‘“The simple lunch

of yesteryear’” [April 19, 2006]. ‘“Looking at the menu is like looking in your mother’s refrigerator’” says it all. The sidebar was extraordinary. Good work.

I also appreciated your column some time back when Dark Star Orchestra

played in Greensboro [‘“A night of the surviving Dead’”; Feb. 7, 2006] ‘— been there as well, miss Jerry, but have moved on’… except that it’s now spring tour season and feeling like a good ‘“Eyes’” might set my own sights straight. Sometimes I long for those looooong nights when discussing the shows in the parking lot after that night’s show seemed the most important thing in the world. Oh well.

Also wanted to let you know the entire YES! Weekly is far more interesting, relevant and thought-provoking than GoTriad or Relish ever thought about being. Please keep on doing what you’re doing. You bring a welcomed balance to what passes for alternative media in the Triad. You are really real.

Here’s to your continued success.

Best regards,

Amy Jo Wood


A height problem

I thought your idea to bring Unknown Hinson to Greensboro was a good one ‘— so good I brought my wife and my 15 year old son and his buddy along to turn them on to Unknown.

The Tremors were cool. But about 10 minutes after they left the stage, people are ready to hear Hinson.

Unfortunately, I left at 11:45, no Hinson ‘— just a surfeit of foul-mouthed midgets.

Nice idea. You need to learn some things about how to stage an event.

Please send my refund check for $40 to the address below [address omitted].

Michael Frierson


Thanks for mention

Thanks to you YES! Weekly’ for all that you did in last week’s issue to further support the Ray Burnett Benefit event at the Blind’ Tiger.’  There were several’ mentions of the event beyond what was in our ad.’  Obviously, someone on your staff took that little bit of extra time that is needed’ to do it right — that is, to make the difference between a good product and a great one.’ ‘ 

‘ You’ve got a great product!

Thanks again,

Stan Atwell



The writer is a member of the band Spare Change and Ray Burnett Benefit organizer.

Article comments from

Headline of Article: ‘“Alleged: Journalistic malpractice in early Christianity’”; April 11, 2006; by Jordan Green

I agree with this article’s theme. After 30-plus years of vibrant committed faith I’ve come to see the dubiety of the (so-called) New Testament. Now I view it as a collation of pro-Roman anti-Jewish propaganda.

I now doubt that ”Jesus” ever existed except in the sense of a literary character through whom certain teachings could be expressed.

This loss of faith has in no way diminished my experience of the Divine Presence ‘— in fact I live in a closer harmony with the Creator now than hitherto.

Staying ever so cool.

Rick Green

United Kingdom

Headline of editorial: ‘“Polygraphs for city meetings’”; April 26; 2006

You don’t have to be an accomplished liar to beat the polygraph, and you don’t have to somehow believe your own lies. You just have to understand the trickery on which the ‘“test’” depends and covertly augment reactions to the so-called ‘“control’” questions.

The Greensboro City Council’s vote to polygraph itself is a foolish bit of political theater. Last week, I e-mailed each member of the council, directing them to information on the pseudoscience of polygraphy (including how to fool the polygraph). Thus far, none of them has replied

George W. Maschke