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Rice is nice

Dear editor, I enjoyed reading Jordan Green and Ryan Snyder’s 100 greatest NC songs [May 20, 2009]. But their list was missing one of the most amazing flat pickers around, and that is Tony Rice. Think Doc Watson plus Eddie Van Halen. He’s that awesome! Most of the cool licks I know how to play on guitar I learned from his style. I met Tony Rice at the old collectables record shop off Holden Road when it was still there. Mr. Rice was a cool guy, he was checking out the jazz and classical albums and I had been a fan for a long time. This was around when The Pizza Tapes got released, that is a a cool album of homestyle acoustic sessions of Tony Rice, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. So if you could include Tony Rice on a future 100-greatest list, that would be very well appreciated! Thanks for all the dedication you all at YES! Weekly put into our music here. Stephen Kay, Greensboro

Hinzy in the house

Hey Clay! It’s Bradford Hines AKA “Hinzy”! Just wanted to drop you a line after reading your Great White interview [“Great White’s Jack Russell discusses new release, Rising”; April 22, 2009; by Clay Howard]. Great Stuff! As a Rhode Island native, and some one who had been to the Station, I really liked the way you handled it! I don’t think the band (specifically Jack) needs to be asked about it anymore. Along with those related to the 100 who lost their lives, and all others involved. The band has suffered, losing guitarist Ty Long ley, as well as dealing with immense grief and blame. That being said, the event does need to be mentioned, as you did so eloquently in your set up. It needs to be mentioned, not to perpetrate the stigma, but to honor the fallen, with remembrance of the night of Feb. 20 2003. It’s sad that this band will forever be linked to such a tragedy. I feel they were one of the better bands from that era, and the interview has inspired me to seek out the new album. Rip It Up! PS: Also liked the Pat Travers interview. Missed you at the show though! All the best! Bradford Hines, Greensboro