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When’s the next preview?

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to see sneak movie previews at the Brassfield Cinema. I am a cancer patient and [money] is a big issue, and I was thrilled when my daughter saw your ad. We wanted to ask if there is going to be a movie preview for next week and where do we go to get the pass and what is the movie going to be? Thanks for your time! Have a blessed week!


ed. note: YES! Weekly sponsors movie nights almost every week, but it all depends on when the studio sets up a preview. You’ll just have to keep reading YES! to find out the next preview date.

Music runs in the family

Hi Brian,

I enjoyed your article on these two talented musicians [‘“Scott Adair has sax appeal for the diners at 223 South Elm’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by Brian Clarey].

One of my sons took guitar lessons from Greg and my other son is protégé of Scott’s. Both sons are professional musicians and I’m sure their teachers were very significant in helping the boys make their career choice.

More importantly I’ve always enjoyed Scott when being a guest at a wedding or bar mitzvah in town where Scott provided the entertainment. This goes back 25 years. Not only is Scott fun to listen to he’s a great mentor and friend.

I will send your article to my sons in NY and will spread the word about 223 South Elm. Also if you want to hear a clip of a great female jazz vocalist who happens to be my daughter in law go to

Thanks for reading this message.

Best Regards

Joan Ganz


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Minj Grille is the bomb

Headline of Article: ‘“Minj Grille serves up hot wings and cold drinks’”; Sept. 12, 2005; by Lee Adams

I have truly enjoyed myself whenever I come to Minj, you guys are on the one. So are you all thinking about making your place larger? That would be great. Well, keep the good work up and keep them wings on the one.



Junior Miss coverage was great

Headline of Article: ‘“Being a Junior Miss’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by Amy Kingsley

Thank you so much for a great article on Junior Miss! As a local chairman, it’s wonderful to see such in-depth coverage of what this program is all about. The fact that this is not strictly a competition or a beauty pageant is looked over so often ‘— thank you for portraying the true spirit of Junior Miss!

Anna Stanko

Spruce Pine, NC