Letters to the editor…


We call that validation

Dear Mr. Green

Your website should be taken off the internet!

Though you did give a somewhat ‘“okay’” description of the events in Greensboro in May [‘“Passions unleashed with Minutemen visit’”; May 17, 2006; by Jordan Green], your website is repulsive. I am a 43 year old grand mother and was at that rally in Greensboro. I am in the process of becoming a Minutewoman Civil Defense Corp member cause I support their stand on secure borders and no amnesty for illegal immigrants no matter if they come from Mexico or England. My heritage is English-German-Native American and my family proudly came to this country legally, so I am sick of little socialist shitheads showing up with their pro-socialist/communist attitudes and hate demonstrating events that support America and its laws.

We are having a rally very soon and I tell you, if I see your ass there I promise you for a little ole 43 year old grandmother I pop you if you show up!

Nancy Laneve

Haw River

Tenants experience illegal treatment

Mr. Green,

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to read the article that you wrote regarding summary ejectment [‘“Summary ejectment: How landlords almost always prevail in small-claims court, and tenants rarely have their cases heard,’” May 24, 2006]. It points out many basic facts about how the NC landlord and tenant law is not being well utilized by the very individuals it was intended to protect. I want to add that in addition to people not knowing their landlord and tenant rights, that often people who fall into Legal Aid’s income guidelines could also be experiencing discrimination in housing transactions as simple as timely maintenance or across the board equal application of policies governing collection of rents and late fees.

As the fair housing person for the city of Greensboro and for a good portion of Wake County in the past, I can tell you, it is not only always a question of unfair treatment, but illegal treatment according to city, state and federal law. I won’t go into detail here, but I just wanted to add that comment to the excellent and useful information that you included in your article. I am slated to have conversations with Mr. Craig and other Legal Aid staff to facilitate people’s knowledge of their rights in my outreach.

Cheryl Gant


The writer is the fair housing specialist at the Greensboro Human Relations Department

I love beach music


I enjoyed your article on Beach Music [‘“Somewhere over the rainbow: A brief history of beach music and the shag’”; June 14, 2006; by Ogi Overman]. I learned a few things myself about the history of the music and the dance. I’ve been doing a beach music radio show on WQFS 90.9 FM for four years. Thanks again for the article.

Brian Brewer


The writer is the host of ‘“Weekend Beach Party,’” which airs from 10 a.m. to noon on WQFS 90.9 FM.