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Wanted to compliment Brian on great coverage of the Sanders trial [“An Innocent Man,” “Was all this fallout due to a computer search,” “Is this what we have been waiting for?”; Feb. 25, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. The main article was killer. The back page commentary also right on; “Is this all there is, this?” I don’t know what happened to the editorial. Maybe you should have called it a night, not lit up that last one, and got some sleep instead of ending up spinning the process 180 degrees. Sanders as a scapegoat? A scapegoat is when you take the fall for someone else, like if Sanders took the fall for Wray and the rest of the police command structure that was purged. Wray and the rest of the guys are gone. Sanders is not. Sanders was a last desperate, pathetic effort to lend a shred of legitimacy to a whole sorry process that has had none. As far as the Sanders trial “shielding the public from ugliness.” On the contrary, I think it put it right in their face. Now if you want to say Wray and all the others took the fall for the GPD circa 1979, and were utilized by a town manager who wanted Simkins PAC support to be “G-Boro Town Manager for Life”, I think that might have worked. Thanks, John Gehris Greensboro


Wow in a short time of looking around we found out you made a some mess-ups and many mistakes YES! Weekly. Well I just got into town and everyone told me about what just went on in the paper of yours and the wife was all ready to show her support [“Downtown Babylon”; Feb. 11, 2009; by Jordan Green]. I must say from when I first lived downtown to now it has changed. We only got a condo there to have a photo studio and do outsource work and to find a good school to raise our kids. It was great walking down Elm Street hand in hand with my wife and during early hours with my kids. One date night we took a shortcut and a guy was standing in the dark. He asked for money and grabbed my wife’s bag. We were devastated and walked back to Elm Street to try to find a phone. Passing what was the Sky Bar my wife was crying and we asked a guy to call the police. The guy we talked to asked the details about what happened. He had us take a seat and pointed to another guy who to this day I think was his brother to get us a drink. Less then 20 minutes went by and here comes that guy with the thug that took my wife’s bag.

He had him by the arm, made him give back the bag and say he was sorry. Also that guy asked if we wanted to press charges, but assured us the mugger would not ever be back downtown to do it again. We were so in shock that we said no and he released him and the thug ran off to never return again. That guy and his brother made us feel safe and at home. He never would tell us who he was, just welcomed us downtown to his backyard. Of course, later we found out the Batman was the owner Joey Medaloni himself. My wife and family will always be thankful for that man. I always liked your paper and did some research myself. Found hundreds of good things and very few bad. Looked at court records and crossed with arrests. All I found was the old leadership of downtown was great and the new was one of the reason we left. Help us understand why the slander of a man who helped out the growth would deserve what your paper wrote. Now as I was looking with old court records and found a few things on the others that might have deserved some press. My wife should have been in the CIA, so if you need help on a dirt hunt with pure facts and follow ups, she is willing to help.

Past Potential Advertiser Concerns, JJ Johnson and Johnson South to West Ltd.