Lida Hayes-Calvert

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residential address: 4417 Bent Tree Farm Road,27106

Incumbent or challenger? (Open seat)

Age: 65 (Oct. 26)

Campaign website or blog: TBD

Occupation and employer: Owner, S and L Painting& Decorating

Previous elective experience(including election campaigns): None

Civic and volunteerexperience (including service on local government commissions and boards): Citizens OrganizationalEfficiency Review Committee; Winston-Salem Minority Contractors Board (past);Winston-Salem Housing Authority Board (past); Winston-Salem City RecreationBoard (past); Forsyth Tech Foundation Board (past); United Way of ForsythCounty (past); Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce Executive Board (past); YWCABoard (past); Top 100 NC Small Businesses award; Small Business Entrepreneur ofthe Year; Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award; NC Top SmallBusiness award; Outstanding Women of NC award; Women in Business award by the Business Journal; Women of VisionLifetime Achievement Award by the YWCA; active member, Messiah Moravian Church

Education (highest degreeattained and name of institution): [Incomplete]

Party registration: Republican

Where were you born? Tarboro

What year did you move to Winston-Salem?1979

Paid consultants working oncampaign: AndyYates and Todd Poole, Red Dome Group

Campaign chairman: Bill Miller

Treasurer: Mike Miller

Articles about thiscandidate:

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The majority of Winston-Salem City Council declined tointervene in Kalvin Michael Smith’s federal petition for a new trial althoughcitizens have requested that the city take responsibility for a flawed policeinvestigation that arguably undermined the judicial process leading to Smith’sconviction in the brutal beating of Jill Marker. What is your position on thismatter?

I agree with the decision of the majority of theWinston-Salem City Council on this issue. While I believe the city should makeavailable all information it has on the investigation and the circumstancesaround it, I do not believe it would be appropriate for the city to attempt toinfluence the judicial process. Our judicial system must remain free from political pressure from ourgoverning bodies.

Do you support the proposed Urban Circulator (streetcar orenhanced bus) that would connect Baptist Hospital and East Winston throughdowntown? Please explain why or why not.

I do not support the Urban Circulator. I do notbelieve it would be a smart use of our taxpayers’ money to spend $179 millionto build a streetcar and another $4.3 million a year to operate a streetcar thatwould travel a four mile route and would have a very limited benefit.

City council has focused on revitalizing downtown over thepast 10 years, most recently approving the first entertainment district in thecity. Should the city continue to promote intensification of shared commercialand residential uses in downtown or slow growth to protect existing businessesand homeowners?

I believe that we should focus on promotinggrowth and economic development across the city including downtown. While avibrant downtown is important for the future of our city, I believe that ourfocus should be on investing in the city as a whole and not on favoring any onearea.

While downtown is vibrant and beautiful, areas to theimmediate north and east are uninviting, underdeveloped and lacking inpedestrian-scale retail amenities. What, if anything, should be done to extendthe vitality of downtown into outlying areas?

We must make the city as a whole morebusiness-friendly by keeping our tax rate low, by reducing over burdensomeregulations on our small businesses and by ensuring that high quality cityservices are provided throughout the city, and that all areas of the city havethe infrastructure necessary to support growth and economic development. Thiswill help the city as a whole to prosper. I do not believe that we should favorany area of the city over another but that we should embrace policies thatencourage growth and development across the city.

What role should city council play in the Business 40improvement project, including recommendations for traffic alignment throughdowntown when the project is completed?

The city council must play a leading role in theBusiness 40 improvement project to ensure that it is a net positive for ourcity. It is the council’s job to ensure that our citizens are given a voice inthis process, that their voice is heard, and that their concerns are givenserious consideration.

As the next council member from the NorthwestWard, I will work closely with our state legislators and the NCDOT to ensurethat construction is completed as quickly as possible, that the negativeeffects of the construction on our citizens and small businesses are minimizedas much as they can be, and that the final traffic realignment is the rightsolution for our citizens and small businesses.

What is your position on the use of incentives to promoteeconomic development? If you support incentives, why? If not, what other toolsdoes city government have for promoting job growth?

I would preferthat we not have to use incentives, but unfortunately in order to compete withother cities when recruiting new businesses the reality is that there are timesthey must be used. Incentives must be used sparingly and only when theopportunity arises to recruit a business to our city that will create asignificant number of jobs for our citizens. Each incentive package must beevaluated on its own merits and must include aggressive claw backs that allowus to recover the cost of incentives offered if the company does not deliver onthe job creation promised. Incentives should only be a small part of anoverall economic development strategy that is focused on keeping taxes low,reducing burdensome regulations that increase the cost of doing business here,and ensuring that we have the quality infrastructure that will allow ourexisting businesses to grow while attracting new businesses to our city.

What is your proudest achievement?

My greatest achievement is my family. I have awonderful husband, caring children, and grandchildren that melt my heart. Mybusiness grew from $200 to a multi-million dollar business. We were able toprovide jobs and make a difference in the lives of so many individuals in ourcity. I have seen a man that lived on the street become productive, and I haveseen families’ lives change due to working for S and L Painting and Decorating.I have been able to send children to YWCA summer camp and give back to others dueto working hard. I love the arts and I have been able to watch a small theatergrow and bring entertainment to Winston-Salem on a much larger scale. But, mostof all, I have become a better person by crossing paths with people that havemade a difference in my life.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in Winston-Salem?

I do not have a lot of down time, but when I doI like to spend time with my family and take advantage of the many eventsWinston-Salem has to offer. I love to visit the many restaurants, go to playsand shows, and watch tennis at Hanes Park. I like to read on my deck with mythree bulldog dogs soaking up the sun. I love Wake Forest sports and Winston-SalemState University sports. We are a big sports family so we love being in a universitycity. We are a sponsor for the Winston-Salem Tennis Open and we really enjoywatching big-time tennis in our city. Of course being a female I love shoppingat our neat stores and buying local. I could go on and on. I just need a littlemore free time.