Life on the rocky side


Life on the rocky side

Rock climber Freddie Wilkinson tells hilarious tales of alpine adventures at Great Outdoor Provision

Great Outdoor Provision Company presents elite rock climber and alpinist Freddie Wilkinson exhibiting “Gonzo-Style Alpinism: A Year In The Trenches”. The event takes place April 13 at 7 p.m. at the Friendly Center store. Admission is free.

A Mountain Hardwearsponsored athlete, Wilkinson will take the audience on a hilarious seatof-your-pants multimedia ride through a single 10-month period where he managed to climb new routes in Patagonia, Alaska, India and Nepal.

He will answer questions such as, what’s it feel like to push 40 hours without sleeping while on an expedition? Or try to spend the night spooning with a smelly guy in a soggy sleeping bag?

Freddie Wilkinson believes that a climbing adventure is only as good as the stories you bring home. Wilkinson grew up in the flatlands of suburban Connecticut and climbed his first mountain, New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, at age thirteen. By age 20, Wilkinson had climbed Denali via the Cassin Ridge and Nepal’s Cholatse via the West Rib. Since then, he has spent three to four months of every year on expeditions around the globe. In between traveling, Wilkinson earned a degree in history from Dartmouth College and worked as a climbing guide in New England and Alaska. In 2007, Wilkinson established new routes on three different mountains on three different continents: Patagonia’s Cerro Poincinot, the Fin in Alaska, and Mount Mahindra in the Indian Himalaya. That’s pretty good, but Wilkinson still considers himself to be better at telling stories than he is a climbing mountains. He lives in Madison, NH with his girlfriend Janet Bergman in a 12×12 cabin with a view of the White Mountains.

Great Outdoor Provision Company in Greensboro is located at 3104 Northline Ave. in Friendly Shopping Center. Founded in 1972, Great Outdoor Provision Company operates seven NC shops filled with gear and clothing for life outside, work and play.

Mountain Hardwear employs radical thinking to bring innovative outdoor gear and apparel to the outdoor retail market. The company sponsors over 20 elite athletes, who test and help design gear utilized from Annapurna to Antarctica to the trails and streets of Greensboro.

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