Limerick: Bringing old school back in style

by Heather MacIntyre

Lead guitarist Evan Bloom was in the middle of a gig when his phone lit up and caught his eye from the stage. It was the hospital informing him his wife was going into labor. Now, when I say “in the middle of a gig,” I don’t mean they were at a venue loading in or schmoozing with fans… I mean they were in the middle of a song. Their drummer, Adam Henry, had just started one of his drum solos, but had to extend it while Bloom ran offstage, making sure everything was fine. The solo turned out to be a jaw-dropping performance, fully utilizing the talent and energy of everything he had left, leaving the audience stunned and cheering (search YouTube for “Adam Henry drum solo” to check it out). More importantly, Bloom became the father of a healthy, beautiful baby girl the next morning, which happened to be Father’s Day. Although the name Limerick suggests a Celtic influence, the band simply chose it randomly from a list of many suggestions — the only one everyone agreed upon.

“Do you know how hard it is to name a band?” sighs vocalist Scott Board. So, what are they all about? What should you expect from a group of native Carolinians with influences ranging in ’70s and ’80s rock and roll? Just that: A highly favored cover band that continues to bring the long hair, occasional outfits and rock-star stage presence. They blast the speakers with plenty of Whitesnake, Journey, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Motley Crüe and Stone Temple Pilots, and the list goes on. If you enjoy any of those areas or genres, there remains plenty amongst their set for you. But it wasn’t always this glorious. The band has had some rough patches and management setbacks from previous musical projects which led to break ups and the dissolving of their past. But 2008 is a whole new year for these gents, and they’re rolling out the red carpet for their band, taking the time and consideration to keep everything smooth this time around. Limerick isn’t the only project they’re all focused on either. Josh Sanders (bass, vocals), the youngest member of the group, grew up singing and playing gospel with his family. He still carries future plans to record some of his original music in the near future. So check up on the guys for updates. It wouldn’t be a North Carolina band if members didn’t participate in music to some degree through their outside professions, furthering their community participation in the arts. Adam mixes beats and genres together in

Charlotte as a disc jockey. Evan teaches guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, clawhammer banjo and piano. Then, of course, there’s Scott, who is from the High Point area, and continues to write and record new original music with Jesse Bolt as well as his own musical project, NoLoveLost, which will have a CD available soon as well. You can’t get much better than this group of North Carolina rugged rock and flailing covers in one night; their track choice is tasteful and appropriately following one and another, so much so that fans have complimented the close similarities from the originals. But, this sort of non-genre, audience-pleasing entertainment leaves the judgment completely up to those experiencing it, and not reading about it.

So, take a blast from the past and experience their newest addition to their set, Heart’s “Barracuda” in High Point this Saturday night at Finley’s (1614 N. Main St).