Lines d ‘Une Femme exalts the female form

by Keith Barber

Lines d ‘Une Femm, the photography exhibit by Alan Calhoun currently on display at 5IVE & 40RTY Gallery in Winston-Salem, celebrates the beauty of the female body in the simplest form. (courtesy photo)

The female body has served as inspiration for artists since time eternal. Photographer Alan Calhoun’s exhibit, Lines d ‘Une Femme’, currently on display at 5IVE & 40RTY Gallery in Winston-Salem, proves that the true beauty of the female form can be wonderfully expressed in simple black and white photographs.

In an artist’s statement, Calhoun said the pieces in his exhibit, which focus on the landscape of the feminine form, prove the old adage that less is more.

The images were created by using one model, one light and one camera.

“By taking the female body to its simplest form, of lines and shapes on black the true beauty and spirit of the women comes through,” Calhoun stated. “These few lines and shapes allow the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks and create an image of their perfect woman.”

Sensuality of a nude body takes center stage in each photo hanging on 5IVE & 40RTY’s walls.

“While working with the idea of simple form, the nude becomes an expression of pure sensuous form,” Calhoun explains. “The nude becomes a single graphic element that makes the complete image. Within the photograph there is an identity between the female form and the pictorial identity; contour is line, flesh is texture and color. Using your imagination remove yourself from the reality of the photographic nude and fantasize about the perfect woman.”

Amy Garland, 5IVE & 40RTY owner and curator, said when she and Calhoun first discussed the show, she was a bit hesitant to display an all-nude show of photographic works in her gallery. Unfortunately, 5IVE & 40RTY is slated to close its doors in the next few months so Garland realized a golden opportunity to display the work of a tremendously talented photographer.

“I wanted to show Alan’s work before we close the doors and also want to express my strong support for his and my shared views of art — especially regarding the human body,” Garland said.

Calhoun, a veteran photographer with more than 30 years of experience, is a true artist, Garland said. And his dedication to the art of photography is evident in Lines d ‘Une Femme.

“The pieces reveal Alan’s respect for the human body as art and utilizing his ability to capture the lines and light to create this elegant show," Garland said.

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5IVE & 40RTY Gallery 541-A Trade St. Winston Salem