Lisa Ellisor

by Brian Clarey

We’re not big on repeats here at YES! Weekly unless it’s old episodes of “Arrested Development” shown en marathon on that weird video game cable channel high up on the dial. We are also fans of Rerun, the dancing fat guy from defunct 1970’s TV show “What’s Happening.” But as a rule we keep our content fresh and new. Anyhow… it was a no-brainer to put Lisa Ellisor on Page Three once again. Lisa, who first struck a saucy pose in this spot for our St. Patrick’s Day issue of 2005 wearing a leprechaun hat, went on to become a graphic designer for YES! Weekly, a position she held for more than a year. She’s been gone from our offices for a while, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been keeping busy. These days she works DJ gigs, tends bar four nights a week at Solaris Tapas Restaurant and teaches a weekly hula-hoop exercise class at Extreme Fitness – all this while still working as a freelance graphic designer. “It’s better to be a workaholic than an alcoholic,” she says. Also, since she left our fold she has changed her look from angsty, flirty pin-up to something a bit more mature and serene. We can dig it.