Llew Kennison

by Brian Clarey

Odd as it sounds, this week’s Page Three model, Llew Kennison, was looking forward to leaving his hometown of Honolulu to explore the lower 48 states. ‘“I wanted to travel,’” he says, ‘“because I grew up on the islands.’” So travel he did, starting with a five-year stint in Dallas before coming to live in Winston-Salem. ‘“I kind of wanted to be between the mountains and the ocean,’” he says. ‘“I mountain bike and I surf and I wanted to do these things so I kind of just pointed at a map and ended up here.’” Llew, who was introduced to the bar business by his mother, proprietess of Honolulu’s 23rd Step nightclub, has been the manager of the Old Fourth Street Filling Station in Winston-Salem for the last year and a half. And he hasn’t looked back. ‘“It’s a pretty social town,’” he says. ‘“The colleges bring in a lot of traffic and you get to meet a lot of people. And the Filling Station is a high-profile restaurant, so people recognize me when I go out.’” And with his profile raised even higher after this Page Three appearance, the 34-year-old single may get a few more nods when he next hits the bars.