Local Talent: Angelina Hamblin


Angelina, who has lived in Greensboro for nearly two years, works as a server at a restaurant on Wendover Avenue. She has been married since she was 19 and spends most of her free time taking care of her son, Kjai (the J is silent) who is not quite two years old. And she still finds time to do a little modeling on the side. Her background is in gothic and alternative modeling, which you could probably tell by her boots, and she is associated with Purgatory, the traveling fetish show that was in Greensboro last week, under the name Angelina LaChaton. “It’s French,” she says. “It means ‘Angelina the kitten.'” But she is also featured on the website, modeling looks described as “Brunette Jet Setter,” “London Temptress, “No More Tickets for Me” and “Schoolteacher Barbie.” She was also the featured model for the month of November on the freaky-cool website