Local Talent: Barry Williams

by YES! Weekly staff

We met 38-year-oldBarry Williams years ago, when he was still cutting hair inKernersville and working the door at Greene Street after he organized apower-lifting demonstration for the Special Olympics. "We raised about$1,300," he says, "and the local Special Olympics golf team got to goto some kind of tournament with the money."

Now working at a ClemmonsGNC, bouncing at Plum Krazy’s and newly single, Barry, who shares aname with the actor who played Greg Brady, is looking to mingle. "Idon’t know how to act," he says. "I was married for eight years andit’s a whole new world. I never tried to pay attention to anybody at abar when I was married now I see why."

He’s still competing incompetitions, solely in the bench press event – he’s working towardslifting 650 to 680 pounds. And he’s looking towards another charityevent, possibly for muscular dystrophy. In the meantime, he’srelearning his game in the singles scene.