Local Talent: Bethany Loguirato


Our representatives on the Hooter’s beat… um… uncovered this week’s Page Three model at a swimsuit competition at the High Point outpost of that owl-themed franchise known for chicken wings and such. This is why we’re out there, folks. Brittany Loguirato is a scant 18 years of age and is peddling naked wings until she begins Forsyth Tech’s nursing program in the fall. The Kernersville native is a 2008 graduate of Keystone National High School, an accredited online school. We checked: It’s real. But when you go to high school online, don’t you miss out on typical high school activities like sports, pep rallies, plays and graduation ceremonies? What about the prom? “I went to the prom when I was in eighth grade,” she says, “with a junior.” Oh. Bethany is also pursuing modeling and has worked on several shoots with luxury sports cars. “My favorite car is a ZRI Corvette,” she says. “It’s 650 horsepower and can go from zero to sixty in less than 3.5 seconds.” Naturally, the girl likes to go fast.