Local Talent: Brittany Stein


Who says bartenders have the best work stories? Not this week’s Page Three model and Winston-Salem native Brittany Stein, who after two years working the sticks says, “I don’t have any funny stories.” Yeah, like we believe that. Brittany currently works at Winston-Salem watering holes Rider’s Oasis and Filly’s a – ahem – gentlemen’s club. Nothing funny about that. When she’s not pouring drinks, she says, “I like adrenaline rushes. I like to go on adventures.” On her last expedition, a drive out to the Cherokee Casino, she got a speeding ticket and lost 50 bucks on nickel slots. And to properly feed her adrenaline jones, she says she’s learning how to ride a motorcycle and plans to buy a Honda after she masters the technique. What, no Harley? “I always had Honda cars,” the 23-year-old says, “and they’ve always been reliable. Maybe a Harley when I’m older.”