Local Talent: Christin Anthony

So,you say you like your Page Three with some substance to go along withthe style? Then this is your week! Our model, Christin Anthony, livedin Maryland and Florida before entering Wheaton College in Chicago,where she earned a BM in piano performance. She came to Greensboro withher husband because, she says, “I wanted to get somewhere warmer.”Yeah, she’s a model with some commercials under her belt andpromotional gigs plugging energy drinks and booze at NASCAR races, butshe also gives piano lessons on the Yamaha baby grand at her home. “Iplay Billy Joel, classics, any kind of jazz, Beethoven, Queen —‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ that’s a fun one.” If you want to hear her play,you’re out of luck. She takes mostly corporate gigs (good money and nosmoking). But if you’re invited to her cousin’s wedding next month inTennessee, you will be able to see her performing there. Or maybe ifyou catch her one night in Churchill’s, you can persuade her to do acouple of numbers.