Local Talent: Christina Urwand

by YES! Weekly staff

For this loud mouthed Yankee from Long Island, success is the only option. Christina Urwand is a junior at High Point University and sees nothing but a promising future after college. She is a sociology major with a minor in business, a unique combination to say the least. Why? She wants to open her own firm and know how to run it. “Also,” she says, “I can hire smart people and reap from their success as well.” Christina is an avid tennis player who considers herself a complex individual. When asked if she thought she was opinionated, a quick “Hell yeah, I’m a New Yorker,” follows. Like her personality, her schedule has many aspects, being involved in the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega to name one. “APO keeps me busy on and off campus,” she says. “That’s why I joined.” Where she sees herself in a few years? Her friend Chelsea answered that. Chelsea leans across the table and opens up an ad for the show “Lipstick Jungle.” “That’s gonna be us,” she says, referenceing an image of women laughing in a NYC apartment, sipping red wine and wearing high fashion, with the city lights shinning through the large window behind them.