Local Talent: Courtney Cook


Courtney Cook, this week’s Page Three model, was eager to let us in on the facts that she works at Giovanni’s on High Point Road, speaks fluent Spanish and is set to graduate this spring from UNCG with a double major in Spanish and international studies. What she didn’t tell us was that she had an agenda. “I support everything local,” she says, “local bands [she loves the Mantras and DJ Deferent], local craftsmen [she looks for original jewelry at Three Sisters], and local T-shirt artists.” And she just happens to be rocking one here – a unique work created by Jason Frahm, who designs under the label Velicious Equenzi. It’s a black tank, cropped, with images of local street signs and a stencil of the word “go” on it, and more information is available at the Velicious Equenzi MySpace page. Courtney, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is affiliated with the company and the designer, but that makes her photo no less endearing.