Local Talent: Cynthia Nakorikantodas


This week’s Page Three model, Cynthia Nakorikantodas, bears the distinction of having the longest last name of any of the 150 or so people who have appeared in this feature. But if you have a working set of peepers, you probably know that’s not why we chose her. Cynthia recently relocated from Raleigh to Pleasant Garden for school – she’s currently boosting her transcript with course at GTCC before embarking on a nursing degree at UNCG. But her background is a heady mix of ethnicities and nationalities. She’s got Dutch, German, Indonesian and Thai in her blood, and her last name is Greek. And she seems to have gotten the better end of the genetic crapshoot in every case. For now Cynthia waits tables at Hooter’s of Greensboro; she hangs out at Ham’s and Greene Street; and when we can get her she works in the promotions department of YES! Weekly, where her obvious talents are greatly appreciated.