Local Talent: David Lanning

by YES! Weekly staff

What can we say about Greensboro’s David Lanning? First, he works as a personal trainer at the Rush Fitness Complex on Battleground Avenue. Second, he has a fifth-degree black belt in Taekwondo — he says he’s never kicked any ass on the street with it, “but I have a lot of competition experience.” Third, he and a group of friends practice a form of French street gymnastics known as parcour, which is basically like moving through the city like Daredevil. And he is the drummer for Triad band Dreamkiller, which he says is gearing up for a comeback show. And, he says, all of these things are related. “They give me the ability to press my limits, both physically and creatively; they are forms of self-expression.” We’ll be looking out for the show. And watching out for errant roundhouse kicks. (photo by Kenny Lindsay)