Local Talent: Devin Lowder


We caught up with 20-year-old Devin Lowder in-between jaunts from residences in High Point and Greensboro and travels to Miami, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach and Atlanta, where she has been working the car-show circuit as… one of those models who stands by the cars, generally in a bikini or something equally alluring and tiny. The last one she worked, a national show for Number One Parts Inc. in Atlanta, she stood in front of a Lamborghini. “A yellow one,” she says. And as a car-show model, she’s heard it all. “It’s a different world out there,” she says. “People ask if it’s my car, if I come with the car, if I’ll sit in it for five dollars,” she says. “One guy asked me if I had ever had sex in the car. I was like, ‘Hello. This isn’t my car.'” We thank you, Devin, for posing for the photos and that awesome quote.