Local Talent: Diana Aycock


“How old are you?” It was the first question out of my mouth to this week’s Page Three model. Most of our models are over 21 and none are younger than 18, and Diana Aycock looked to me, in that regard, as trouble. But it turns out the youthful Gaffney, SC native is actually 25 years old, and she’s done some living. She came to Greensboro about a year ago with an engagement ring on her finger; it is no longer there. “I was supposed to be getting married this September but it’s been called off,” she says. “And you can add my phone number at the end.” Um… we’re not going to do that. Ms. Aycock – who was unaware of the prominence of her surname in Greensboro – is a professional freelance model who gets a lot of gigs. “I’ve worked my way from Virginia all the way down to lower South Carolina,” she says. “I did a lingerie shoot in Greenville, SC a few weeks ago, I’ve been to the Outer Banks. I go out there and I beat the bushes and I get the kind of work I really enjoy.” Also, in case you’re wondering, she’s six feet tall, barefoot.