Local Talent: Emily Byrd


Regular viewers of the “Fox 8 Morning Show” will no doubt recognize meteorologist Emily Byrd – she’s on like every five minutes, giving the lowdown on what the day’s weather has in store. These days, it seems, viewers are spending their days praying for rain and Emily is ready and willing to go the extra mile. “Well,” she says, “there has been a little change in our pattern. For most of the summer we’ve had this big, nasty Bermuda high, but right now is the peak of hurricane season, and that’s what we need for rain.” She talks the talk because she’s a real meteorologist and not just a pretty face, with a degree from NC State to prove it. Before that she was a Greensboro girl, born and raised, and a member of Grimsley High’s Class of ’87. When she was offered the job here after a few years in Raleigh she jumped. “Fox 8 called out of the blue,” she said. “Van [Denton] called me personally,” she says. “I got the voice mail and I was like, ‘No way.’ It was the station I grew up watching.”