Local Talent: Enrique Salazar


Man, it’s been a while since we featured a dude on Page Three. So when we encountered Enrique Salazar up in the YES! Weekly suite at the Greensboro Coliseum during the Van Halen show we jumped on the opportunity to feature him here. Local music fans know Salazar as the frontman for the band Face First, with whom he’s been performing for seven years, and they also might know that he took a six-month hiatus when his spleen ruptured in April. “I almost died,” he says, “but I’ve been slowly coming back.” He’ll be jamming with his bandmates on Oct. 6 at Wild Wing Café in Winston-Salem, a comeback of sorts for the native Californian. “It’s actually been a blessing,” he says. “I almost lost my life and it’s good to be back.”