Local Talent: Heather Buck


Heather Buck, the beguiling 21 year old from Archdale, takes our Valentine’s Day spot this year precisely because she’s so damn cool, and we want to set her up. “I don’t have a Valentine,” she tells us. “Now maybe I’ll get one.” Something of a tomboy – “I guess it’s fair to say that,” she says – she spent her early childhood in Anchorage, Alaska and makes money on the side by modeling. “Clothing, bathing suits, everything, pretty much,” she says. But then she sheds her girly-girl trappings and hits the pavement on her Suzuki GSXR 600, a racing machine that can barely be held to the ground by its two wheels. Her colors are black and orange. And, she says, her racing nickname is one of those ironic ones, like calling a fat guy “Slim.” “My nickname’s ‘Lucky,'” she says. “My friend gave me that nickname years ago because of all the unlucky things that have happened in my life.” But when we say we’re lucky to have her, it is without a taint of irony.