Local Talent: Hunter Gurley


When 28-year-old Hunter Gurley came to YES! Weekly main headquarters at Adams Farm she was dressed in scrubs – she’s studying to become an X-ray technician at Forsyth Tech – so we couldn’t see her tattoos. She’s got 13 of ‘ em, including a tribal band on her right arm and a Chinese dragon on her right shoulder blade. “Most of ’em are big,” she says, “[but] I’ve got traditional bluebirds across my butt, a naked devil girl, a scorpion….” The cherries at the base of her neck, she says, are because her 5-year-old daughter “says she loves me more than cherries” and come courtesy of Lucky Eye studios in Kernersville. Gurley, who lives in Winston-Salem, also tends bar at Tee Time in the Camel City.” You know that Toby Keith song?” she says, “‘I love this bar, it’s got everybody?’ We’ve got doctors, lawyers, rednecks; we’ve got everybody. When I graduate, I’ll still work a couple of shifts a week.””