Local Talent: Jason Holdaway

by YES! Staff

You get better stories at some jobs than others — those moments that are touching or funny or really make you think. Cops and EMTs have great work stories. Flight attendants have great work stories. So do bartenders, strippers and cabbies. And according to this week’s Page Three model, Jason Holdaway, so do tattoo artists. He’s owned the Five Points Tattoo Shop in High Point ( for about a year and a half, and he’s seen trends come and go. “Stars are still really big,” he says, “and we’re leaning a lot towards photorealism this year.” And every tattoo, he says, has a story behind it. “The stories mean a lot,” he says. “There was this guy, an old man I did a couple weeks ago… he was close to 80 years old and he got a big Marines tattoo on his shoulder. You could tell it meant a lot to him.”