Local Talent: Jenn Martin


You might think Memphis compares favorably to Greensboro, but according to Martin, you’d be wrong. “I cannot stand Memphis,” she says. “We wanted to live in North Carolina or Virginia.” So here she came, with her husband in tow, looking for meaningful work. “I’m a Jenn of all trades, ” she says. “I’m a graphic designer. I do alternative modeling, mostly pin-up, and I started a spokesmodel company with a few other models. I was also an opera singer for seven years in Memphis.” The bulk of her energy, she says, is focused on her new company, Candy Scandals, which she co-owns with two other models known as Soma Snakeoil and Jennife Lalo. The company has a presence on MySpace, a website under construction and a tagline: Filthy Sweets. We like. “We’ll be promoting alternative clothing, accessories, art, burlesque,” Martin says. “What you see is what you get.” Jenn also has her own site at, which also appears to be under construction but should be up and running soon.