Local Talent: Jessica Sanderford, Gretchen Darnley, Kirsten Darnley


Get a good look at this week’s Page Three offering, because for the first time in our history we bring a triple-shot of goodness to the space. These three women – (left to right) Jessica Sanderford, Gretchen Darnley and Kirsten Darnley – are celebrating a commencement of sorts this week at Wahoo’s Bar in the beloved Whiskey District of Greensboro. Gretchen wants to move back to LA, so the three will make the drive together. And to raise money for the trip, they’ll all be working the afternoon shift at Wahoo’s, from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m., on Wednesday, and they want everybody to know they’ll be dressing up for the gig. “I don’t know if I wanna say that we’ll be wearing fishnets in the newspaper,” Jessica says, “but we will be.” They plan to jump in the car as soon as their shift ends, and from what we hear, a pass through New Orleans is planned. And sorry fellas, there’s no extra room in the car for you, no matter how much you tip.