Local Talent: Joe Bemis


Despite the sexist leanings of some of our readers who are appreciative of the female form, we occasionally run a dude here on Page Three. But this week’s model, Joe Beamis, might actually agree with the dissenters. Bemis, a graduate of Randolph Community College with a degree in commercial photography, has dedicated his professional life to the art of the pinup. “My grandfather was in World war II,” he says, “and he had a pinup of Betty Grable.” The particular appearance of the photo stuck with him always, and now Bemis stylizes his photos to resemble those classic cheesecake poses that hung on the walls of so many Army barracks, gas stations and prison cells. “I try to make them look like they were supposed to look, like drawings and paintings. It’s like 95 percent photography and five percent Photoshop. I don’t really have a name for the effect.” His company, Victory Productions ( is currently working on a calendar, and for each one purchased he will send another overseas to our troops in Iraq. That’s as good an excuse as any for unapologetic titillation.