Local Talent: Katie Schmidt


This week’s Page Three model, Katie Schmidt, has a lot of balls in the air. She’s a rising junior at UNCG, studying anthropology. And she waits tables at the Out West Steakhouse in Kernersville, where she grew up. They have their similarities. Of anthropology, she says, “Its just learning about different human cultures. It teaches you a lot about humans in general.” And the steakhouse in K-Vegas? “It teaches me about a specific demographic of people – the people who come into a steakhouse in a small town. Lots of well-done steaks.” And wouldn’t you know it? She’s got a modeling contract that will bring her to Mexico next month. “My latest thing is working for a promotional company called Traviesa. They represent Grey Goose and Bacardi, and we’ll go to a bunch of different cities and go to clubs. We model for them and we get paid to party. It’s a pretty good deal.”