Local Talent: Kelly Smith


We get all kinds here on Page Three – artists, bartenders, dancers, careerists, students – but we very seldom get a woman or man of destiny. Kelly Smith is one of those. A 22-year-old graduate of Glenn High School (Class of ’04) living in Kernersville, she’s embarking on a career as a respiratory therapist centering on neonatal cases – that’s preemies, to you and me. “My brother was premature when he was born,” she explains, “and I went in there and saw him every day. I realized that’s what I wanted to do. I think I was nine at the time.” When she’s not working and studying at High Point Regional Hospital, she likes to hit the nightclubs in Greensboro or drink white wine with her girlfriends. Sometimes she heads out to Raleigh. “I have, not a boyfriend, but someone I’m seeing lives in Raleigh,” she says. “I go there a lot.”