Local Talent: Kimberly Lankford


Where has this week’s Page Three model, 23-year-old Kimberly Lankford, been hiding out? The answer, embarrassingly, is: in our hard drive. We took these shots months ago and then they disappeared into the labrynthine psyche of our server. Until now. Kim, a Lexington native, is pursuing a BA in forensic biology from Guilford College with an eye towards medical school and then a job with the FBI tearing up corpses. “I watched two [autopsies],” she says. “Just looking at the body didn’t really bother me, but after they cut it open, it took me the whole time to get over the initial shock of it. I mean, the smell is horrible. And the one guy had a broken neck, and they made us take our hand and go up in his neck and feel where the spine was severed.” Okay, ewwww. “No,” she says, “it was very interesting. I think everybody should do it one time.” Everybody but us, that is.