Local Talent: Laura Jackman


If you’ve never been to Stellarcon, the sci-fi/fantasy/gaming convention held every year in downtown High Point (and also the subject of this week’s cover story, page 10), then you probably didn’t realize that there are women who look like this prowling around. Laura Jackman, 19, is a member of UNCG’s Science Fiction Fantasy Federation, the club that has thrown this bash since 1977. If you want to meet her, the group convenes on Wednesday nights at 7:30 in the new science building on campus. Laura, a sophomore, says she’s a psychology major, “but that could change any minute.” And she insists that the outfit she’s wearing, a latex minidress with a pink skull and crossbones on the breast, is not a costume but a look that a friend of her has dubbed “fairy goth.” We think you’ll agree that the Force is strong with this one.