Local Talent: Leena Joandi [the blonde], Laurie Willis [the brunette] Amy Runyan [the redhead]


A blonde, a brunette and a redhead walk into a bar. That’s not a joke and there’s no punchline – it actually happens every Wednesday and Thursday night at Margaritas Grill in downtown Greensboro when Leena Joandi, Laurie Willis and Amy Runyun tend the bar for margaritas and other liquid pleasures. The three met just a few short months ago in Greensboro: Amy came in for a short-lived job with Skybus, Leena, who is originally from Sweden, moved here with a Skybus pilot and Laurie, the only North Carolina native of the bunch, grew up on the Outer Banks. Now they share a downtown apartment together and have crafted a nightlife scene all their own. Beyond the gig at Margaritas, they plan to host bar hops, pub crawls and all manner of social networking events, all of which will be dutifully recorded on their MySpace page. You might want to check it out at and become one of their 300-plus friends.