Local Talent: Louie Love Money

by YES! Weekly staff

photo by Kenny Lindsay

LouieLove Money is not the nickname of this week’s Page Three model — that’swhat it says on his drivers license. But if we had to give him anickname, it would be “The Quote Machine.” On his name: “It was achildhood nickname… and my father turned out to be a jerk, and I didn’twant to carry on his name. So I changed it.” On his job: “I’m abartender, but I don’t want to give them any publicity because theymade me push down my mohawk. Please print that.” On his career: “I’vedone everything in this town except get paid. I was in a band [JonesFambly Reunion] that won best band and worst band the same year. I hadthree radio shows, but I got paid more working at a porno shop than Idid in radio. I’m a vocalist, more in the Iggy Pop realm of singing. Ican’t sing my way out of a paper sack, but I put on a good show. I’mtrying to get the band restarted. I was hoping you guys could help mewith that.” For more classic Louie-isms, hit up his MySpace, www.Myspace/