Local Talent: Michelle Somers


This week’s Page Three model, Michelle Somers, bears no relation to our favorite blonde bombshell Suzanne Somers, but we are fans of hers anyway. The Burlington native does possess a nifty practical streak – after completing her associates degree in art at GTCC she originally planned to enroll in UNCG’s nursing program, but instead she decided to live in the real world. “I needed a job,” she says. She works as a marketing consultant for Addison Point apartments in Greensboro, a pretty sweet gig as the pendulum of home ownership swings the other way. And when she’s not on the clock she says she likes to hang out with her girlfriends. “We go shopping, we go downtown, we go to the lake and we eat sushi all the time.” And the best place for a plate of raw fish? “Kabuto,” she says. “We always go to Kabuto.”