Local Talent: Nicole Rafferty

So help us, we love a woman with a work ethic. This week’s Page Threemodel, Nicole Rafferty, admits to a bit of workaholism, which meansshe’s addicted to workahol. “When am I not working?” the 26-year-oldReMax of Greensboro realtor asks rhetorically. “[The market]’s goinggood right now,” she says. “It’s really not as bad as everybodyportrays it in the media. Foreclosures are up, but our market reallyhas held on to its value. We’re not giving houses away like some in thearea are having to do.” When she’s not finding shelters for humans, shehelps homeless animals at the Guilford County Animal Shelter and evenputs a few of them up herself. “I have three dogs,” she says. “Two fromthe shelter and one I found. But anytime I find an animal I willshelter it until I find a house for it.” That’s dedication.

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