Local Talent: Nikki Kennedy


Nikki Kennedy, the 19-year-old from Thomasville gracing Page Three this week, has a voice that pours like molasses over a homemade biscuit, something that comes in handy in her capacity as a salesperson for a wireless phone company. It also throws off her on-line gaming friends when she plays Turok until 4 a.m. on her Xbox. “I have friends on there and they say, ‘You’re so country,'” she drawls. One gamer in particular said to her: “You sound hot, but you’re probably like 500 pounds.” She surreptitiously directed him to her MySpace page, where he was treated to her array of personal photos. His monosyllabic reaction, she says, was, “Wow.” But get a good look at her now, because Kennedy says she plans to head for Miami sometime soon in order to, in her words, “sell real estate and make the money.” And so another promising Triad denizen heads for greener pastures.