Local Talent: Noy Phetvixay

by YES! Weekly staff

The first thing you should know about this week’s Page Three model, Noy Phetvixay, is how to pronounce her name: pet-VI-sai. Yeah, we don’t know how that works, either, so we’re just gonna call her Noy from here on out. The second thing you should know about Noy is that she’s recently returned from a brief stint in Kansas City, Kan. to live in Thomasville with her mother, who has recently had a baby girl named Parissa. The third thing you should know is that she’s not gonna be around here much longer if she can help it — she plans on finishing her nursing degree somewhere else like Washington DC (“Because that’s where my boyfriend is), Florida (“By the beach) or Dallas (“Because I have a lot of friends there”). But, she says, she hasn’t ruled out the program at GTCC completely, though it would be tough studying with a baby in the house.