Local Talent: Peyton Turner


Check this chick out, a stone cold rocker who grew up with our publisher, Charles Womack, in Danville, Va. and has not, will not give up on the rock-and-roll dream. She’s still gigging, still throwing down, still wearing ripped jeans to great effect. And her attitude has gotten her a slot on this season’s VH-1 series “Rock of Love,” in which participants get a chance to “date” Bret Michaels, the pretty boy from Poison. Her name is Peyton Turner, and she’s one to watch. “I actually wanted to date Bret Michaels,” she says. “Now, here’s the perfect dude for me; here’s a guy I could date. I genuinely liked him. I thought he was a good guy, very open and gracious. I went on the show ultimately to date Bret, but as a rock musician at the same time, because that’s what I am.” The season begins on Jan. 13, and though she is contractually obligated not to reveal anything, Peyton says she makes it through the first episode, at least. Her band, Twist of Fate, is available for shows and she will be doing promotional appearances all year. To get in on it, go to her MySpace page,