Local Talent: Rachel Martel


There are several things we like about Rachel Martel, this week’s Page Three model. For one, she’s not from around here. The 25-year-old Martel hails from New Hampshire. For another, she’s here now and she’s not leaving anytime soon – Rachel graduated in 2005 from UNCG and has no plans to flee the city like so many other young college grads. “I have some really, really good friends here,” she says. “Plus I love my job. So yeah, I’m okay for now.” There’s more: She’s way into snowboarding and wakeboarding (“I’ll probably be in a body cast by the end of the summer”); she’s a bartender (at Stumble Stilskin’s); and she gives off this cool-chick vibe that never fails to send our hearts a-flutter. Plus her name almost rhymes. How cool is that?