Local Talent: Stephani LeCompte

(photo by Kenny Lindsay)

Check out that cute little frame, those sleek lines, all that poise and innocence disguising real power and drive. I could be talking about this week’s Page Three model, Stephani LeCompte, but really I’m referring to the newest addition to the YES! Weekly fleet, our 2008 Smart Car fortwo in Cherry Red. The Smart Car’s a real beaut: about 20 bucks a fill and about 45 mpg on the highway. And Stephani’s pretty smart herself — a bartender who has pulled gigs at the N Club and in her home town of Rural Hall. In September she’ll be slinging drinks at Ice, downtown Greensboro’s newest night spot opening soon. “It’s a hip downtown club,” she says. “It’s got a DJ, a dance floor, all of that.” In the meantime, she’s waiting for word from the Arts Institute of Charlotte, where she wants to study interior design. “I’m on the waitlist,” she explains, “ but hopefully I’ll be there in January for the spring semester.” Let us know if you need a ride — but not too much luggage.