Local Talent: Stephanie Trapani


We love Louisiana girls here on Page Three, particularly if they’re from New Orleans, and we are unapologetic about it because our bias has never done us wrong. Check this one out: 29-year-old Stephanie Trapani, who graduated from East Jefferson High in 1996 (East Jeff is actually in Metairie, but it’s close enough for us). Trapani – mother of three, if you can believe it – has lived in Hollywood and New York City, where she worked in the make-up department for the soap opera “All My Children,” and is currently a full-time nursing student at Winston-Salem State University. But her career path took a strange turn when on a whim she accepted a gig as a ring girl for the fights at the Millennium Center last month. “It was a one-time thing that turned into something big for me,” she says. That night she was spotted by a representative for Scrap Gear clothing, who immediately hired her as a spokesmodel for the line. She’ll be hitting the next Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas to show off the clothes, if she can get everybody to stop looking at her legs.