Local Talent: Stephen Kay


Get a good look at this week’s Page Three model Stephen Kay, 31, an actor, model and musician from Greensboro, because the next time you see him will probably be up on the big screen. Kay scored a bit part in the upcoming George Clooney film Leatherheads, playing a Chicago bartender in a fight scene. “They said, ‘Don’t act like a pussy,'” he recalls. “‘You don’t want to act scared.'” Kay landed his first acting job at 20, during a talent search at Emerald Pointe when he was a lifeguard there. “When [Leatherheads] came through,” he says, “I just answered an open call in Winston-Salem…. A couple weeks later I got the call and the next thing you know I’m standing face to face with George Clooney in a scene.” Kay says he’ll definitely be at Friday night’s red-carpet screening of Leatherheads at the Palladium Cinemas in High Point. “I’m not sure how much [of my scene] made it in,” he says. “I’m gonna have to watch with everybody else to find out.”